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The Turkey Project
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Rapunzel supports the HAND IN HAND fund with annual donations. The HAND IN HAND fund is managed by the German Environmental Aid (DUH) and by Rapunzel.

26 projects with a total sum of 91.360 € were funded in 2014.  
Our Hand in Hand - Partner also receive support through the HIH-Fund.

Projekt Land Beschreibung Fördersumme
Arche Deutschland und Österreich e.V. Simbabwe Establishing an organic chicken farm together with mentally disabled people ( covering the costs for maize mill and shredder for feed production) 5.000,- EUR
Proyecto Mosaico e.V. Nicaragua Development of a youth education and information center 1.900,- EUR
Muleba Association of women living with HIV/Aids Tanzania Establishing a micro financing programme for women to support their own businesses 3.000,- EUR
Tsavo East Community Development Initiative (TECDI) Kenia Start-up financing for the development of baobab cultivation and commercialization 2.500,- EUR
SENCAP e.V. Ghana Support of seminars for women for organic cultivation and marketing of their crop 2.000,- EUR
Turtle Foundation Cape Verde Education for youth regarding turtle conservation and survival of species 4.000,- EUR
Generación Nueva e.V. Mexico Nursery for reforestation with traditional and crop plants in combination with volunteers from Germany 2.000,- EUR
Log-Ikwo Kamerun
Nachhaltig e.V. Stockach
Cameroon Solar installation for a medical center, publicity to distribute the solar energy  5.000,- EUR
Groupement GNIPIE Burkina Faso Setting up of a drying unit to support the mango processing 4.000,- EUR
TanSol Hekima Tanzania Extension of the photovoltaic system installed in 2012 5.000,- EUR
ARA/Waldportal Germany Content revision of the forest portal 3.260,- EUR
Global Nature Fund Philippines set-up of a green filter wetland filtration system, environmental education 5.000,- EUR
Kooperative Yiwalo Burkina Faso Improving the equipment of the health care center, especially for prenatal care 4.000,- EUR
Tukolere Wamu Uganda Aquiring of oxes and ploughs for the Orib Farmer Association to increase their yield 2.500,- EUR
AGA e.V. Kenia Environmental education to fight the extinction of elephants; covering the costs for school equipment, teaching material and public relation 5.000,- EUR
Stift. Solarenergie Ethiopia Developing a fourth solar village and equipment for the health care center 5.000,- EUR
emPower Training e.V. Turkey Different courses for the development of sustainable projects for participants in need from the middle east 1.000,- EUR
Indianerhilfe e.V.
Peru Acquisition, transport and planting of fruit tree seedlings to support the nutrition of the Urarina. Model project for organic agriculture   3.000,- EUR
Modellfarm 'Sonrisa del Pinto' Nicaragua Workshops about organic agriculture, tools and equipment for the farmers; certification costs and processing plant 5.000,- EUR
AGA e.V. Iran Preventive measures for the green hawksbill turtle on the island Krish on the Persian Gulf 5.000,- EUR
Difäm e.V. Kongo Development of the waiting room for pregnang women to enable a quiet and safe child birth 5.000,- EUR
CREDI-ONG Benin Extending the product range of an organic pineapple juice producer 2.000.- EUR
Capema Peru Education of pre schoolers regarding their daily dental hygiene 2.000,- EUR
ECOTOP Bolivia Training and support to change from conventional to sustainable agriculture 3.000,- EUR
GNF Jordan Project to the joint water management in the Jordan valley 5.000,- EUR
Sencab e.V. Ghana Improving the organic cultivation and marketing of the palmfruit products 1.200,- EUR

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