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The Turkey Project
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Rapunzel supports the HAND IN HAND fund with annual donations. The HAND IN HAND fund is managed by the German Environmental Aid (DUH) and by Rapunzel.

29 projects with a total sum of 138.850 € were funded in 2015.  
Our Hand in Hand - Partner also receive support through the HIH-Fund.
The coffee cooperative Norandino for example was given support to strengthen their producer network.

Projekt Land Beschreibung Fördersumme
End Poverty 'Meri Baghia' India Organic fruit farming project Meri Baghia: marketing, training and women support 2.500,- EUR
Hekima Girls Secondary School Tanzania Construction of a dormitory in line with the extension of the Hekima School 10.000,- EUR
Deutsch Indische Zusammenarbeit e.V. India Workshops and training in the area of sustainable agriculture 5.000,- EUR
Vida Verde Associación Bolivia Establishing a eco center and nursery in the Tarabuco region 4.250,- EUR
Kisanga e.V. Kongo Supporting the social center of the region regarding training and education material 5.000,- EUR
Log-Ikwo Kamerun Nachhaltig e.V. Stockach Cameroon Development of the mango juice production to enable new sources of income for the village 5.000,- EUR
Wir und jetzt e.V. Bolivia Environmental education in schools to raise awareness against the deforestation of rain forest 5.000,- EUR
Global Nature Fund/African Wildlife Foundation Tanzania Sound environmental education programm to prevent poaching as well as a cattle breeding programme to improve the income sources of the maasai tribe 8.000,- EUR
Häuser für Waisenkinder e.V. Kenia Construction of toilets at a school to ensure a regular school visit of girls 2.500,- EUR
Looschelders Sozial-
und Ökologie Stiftung
Philipinnes Set up of an aqua ponic plant serving as a model for further plants of the region 5.000,- EUR
Cooperative Norandino Peru Support of the regional coffee producters regarding competition and marketing channels 5.000,- EUR
AGA e.V. Kenia Environmental education in schools to fight agains the extinction of elephants 5.000,- EUR
ECOTOP Bolivia Concept and development of a competence course for sustainable agriculture 5.000,- EUR
ACTNGONO Tanzania Construction of roofed toilets for a school to prevent the children from attacks 2.000,- EUR
NATRIPAL Philipinnes Protection of the wild honey bee through reforestation of the natural nectare sources 2.500,- EUR
Love for Life e.V. Ecuador Set-up of a solar installation for indigenous Amazon people  5.000,- EUR
Biovision Kenia Support to fight the mango fruit fly 5.000,- EUR
Sonrisa del Pinto Nicaragua Reforestation and establishing regional market structures for organically produced crops 5.000,- EUR
Sano y Salvo Nicaragua Workshops about organic agriculture, tools and equipment for the farmers 5.000,- EUR
Humanium e.V. India Supporting organic agriculture with trainings and enable networking possibilities for the farmers 4.000,- EUR
AGA e.V. Sri Lanka Creation of a touring exhibition about turtles for schools and tourist centers 3.600,- EUR
Weltweit e.V. Tanzania Rehabilitation of water sources through reforestation 4.500,- EUR
UVD ASBL Kongo Schooling for orphans and support of their Schulbesuch für Waisenkinder sowie Unterstützung ihrer Pflegefamilien 3.000,- EUR
Oro Verde Ecuador Support of indigenous people to protect the Sarayaku rain forest 5.000,- EUR
CAPEMA Peru Establishing a nursery to retain the quality of the cocoa and coffee plants for the future 5.000,- EUR
Timbaktu Kollektiv India Set up of an organic school garden for nutrition and environmental education of students of the nature school 5.000,- EUR
World Vision Kenia Support of organic peanut cultivation and extending the value chain 5.000,- EUR
Turtle Foundation Cape Verde Equipment for the camps for the observation of the nesting beaches of the turtles   3.500,- EUR
Wege zur einen Welt Guatemala Support of small farmers to preserve indigenous seeds 3.500,- EUR

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