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The Turkey Project
Impressions from the Turkey Project
RAPUNZEL Turkey with a new outfit
RAPUNZEL guarantees ...
The Ören Project
Tekelioglu - network
Hazelnuts from Ünye
Figs from Aydin
Apricots from Malatya
Pine nuts from Bergama
Pistachios from Adiyaman
Lentils and chickpeas from Southern Anatolia
Sultanas and raisins from Salihli and Tekelioglu
Tomatoes from Tekelioglu
Peppers from Tekelioglu
FUND 2015


Our oldest project in Turkey

In 1997 various projects were merged into RAPUNZEL Turkey. Until today, RAPUNZEL Turkey is the first and only company in Turkey that works exclusively with organically certified dried fruits and nuts.

Since then, a modern, state-of-the-art company including a quality assurance department, different processing lines, warehouses, an office tract with training room and a cafeteria for 80 persons was built in the town of Ören. During the main work season that starts in September more than 300 employees are working there.

Top-level quality
All nuts and dried fruits are transported in special RAPUNZEL crates with farmer code. The code guarantees precise product traceability. All fruits and nuts are sampled and inspected pursuant to a detailed analytical test schedule.

Figs at close range
With figs there is always a risk of mold infestation. To ensure highest quality, the figs undergo very labor-intensive aflatoxin (metabolic products of molds) testing. Since aflatoxins are not visible to the naked eye but fluoresce in UV light, each individual fig is examined in a separate darkroom where the figs are tested under UV light. This work requires highest concentration and is very exhausting due to the special light conditions. RAPUNZEL keeps the inspection intervals for the employees as short as possible. The figs that were tested to be flawless are packed either as Natural, Protoben, Layer or Lerida figs.  

Sultanas and raisins - non-stop production
In the summer of 2008 a new, state-of-the-art sultana and raisin processing plant was put into operation. The plant automatically removes pits and stems, washes, dries and oils the berries. This plant is the only plant in Turkey that is processes exclusively sultanas and raisins from controlled organic cultivation. At the end of the automatic process, however, the products must still be manually inspected. Specially trained staff sort the berries once again; in the end the sultanas and raisins comply with the topmost quality level "4 times sorted by hand".

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