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What is RAPUNZEL quality?

RAPUNZEL quality includes:

1. Classical food quality parameters
  • Healthy, residue checked, flavorful and visually pleasant products
2. Social criteria
  • Fair traded raw materials and products certified by the RAPUNZEL HAND IN HAND program.
  • Improvement of work and living conditions of farmers and trade partners especially in emerging nations and developing countries.
  • Long-standing and reliable supplier relationships.
3. Conservation of ressources
  • Organic cultivation.
  • Production and transport with minimal energy expenditure.
  • As little packing material as possible, as much as is needed for conserving the product quality
4. Controlled organic cultivation

The high RAPUNZEL standards for healthy foodstuffs often exceed the requirements of the EC Organic Regulation:
  • Consistent organic requirements for contract partners.
  • Residue checks for pesticides, softeners, heavy metals and additional pollutants.
  • Close contact and mentoring of producers and suppliers.
  • Own cultivation projects in Turkey and Sri Lanka; our agriculturalists train local farmers and ensure the high quality of their product.

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