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Cashew nuts in best quality and according to organic standards are cultivated for RAPUNZEL in the two federal states of Maharashtra and Goa, India. About 3000 small farmers cultivate the cashew nuts on their organic plantations in intercropping with other trees as well as rice and jackfruit. The nuts are processed by the HAND IN HAND partner Achal. It is a real model company with high social commitment.

Organic cultivation, careful processing

The cashew nuts (=seeds) grow as a single, small, kidney-shaped nut attached on the so called cashew apples, which also are eatable. After the nuts have been harvested in ripe condition by the farmers and their families, the raw nuts are transported to Achal for further processing.

At first the nuts are dried in a yard.  Afterwards they are heated with steam, so that the shell can be removed more easily of the sensitive kernel. This delicate job of cracking the nuts is particularly done by women. Subsequently, the kernels are slightly dried in a hot chamber. Then they are peeled, classified and packed for transport.

HAND IN HAND partnership with Achal

The price RAPUNZEL pays for the cashew nuts is higher than the current local market price. Therefore special social benefits can be granted. The workers of Achal are employed the whole year round, they are entitled to take holidays, they receive holiday payment and they get clothes and shoes every year.

The workers´ children, up to an age of 5 years, are treasured in the company kindergarten. There are possibilities for the children to play and beds to have a rest. Moreover, Achal workers get benefits for every school child in order to buy school material.

sorting the hulled cashews
sorting the hulled cashews

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