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HAND IN HAND - Norandino / PERU

The organic Arabica coffee for our Gusto Café comes from Northern Peru. About 6,500 coffee producers in 92 grassroots organizations are united in the umbrella organization Norandino  (La Central Piurana de Cafetaleros). Norandino is our contact and our HAND IN HAND partner.

Cultivation of organic coffee

The coffee trees grow in mixed cultures together with shade trees and/or fruit trees such as maracuya and citrus trees. The different trees provide shade for each other and they protect the coffee against wind exposure, forming a stable ecosystem similar to the ecosystem of a naturally grown forest. The bright coffee cherries are picked by hand and the red fruit pulp is coarsely removed by machine.

After fermentation, washing and drying, the coffee beans are processed by Norandino in Piuria and are transported to Germany by ship. In Germany, the coffee beans are roasted and packaged in a specialized shop.
Rapunzel visit: employee (back, middle) at the Cooperative Norandino
Rapunzel visit: employee (back, middle) at the Cooperative Norandino

HAND IN HAND with the coffee growers

For the organic raw coffee Rapunzel pays fair prices that are higher than the average, conventional market prices. Norandino passes the price (less the necessary deductions for operating and production costs as well as reserve funds) to the coffee producers. On top of that Rapunzel pays a HIH-premium which is used to realize social projects. Fair prices and a stable supply relationship with Rapunzel ensure the long-term improvement of the farmers’ living conditions and give them a perspective for their future.

Final manual check of the coffee beans
Final manual check of the coffee beans

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