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What we live and try to achieve everyday

Employees: We as a company encourage and challenge our employees and pay fair wages. Well educated, motivated and content employees are our strength. Various profit-sharing bonus models make our coworkers into coentrepreneurs.

Working atmosphere: We treat each other fair and with respect. High staff satisfaction and long-term job tenure are important for us.

Customers: We offer our trade partners and their customers the best service and the highest product quality. This also includes a clear, explicit marketing strategy for all sales areas.

Suppliers: We treat our partners fair. We pay particular attention to the social and economic conditions in the various producing countries. We cooperate with capable suppliers who share our philosophy.

Ecology and Sustainability: Through the use of organic seeds and GMO-free cultivation we actively support the conservation of biological diversity. As a producer of vegetarian foods with a wide range of wholesome products, we promote vegetarianism.

Through committed implementation of longterm measures we achieve verifiable improvement in the areas of renewable energy, heat recuperation, conservation of water and other resources as well as in the reduction of transportation routes.

Quality: Our employees and all the people who are part of the value chain are trained with respect to organic quality assurance issues. We use exclusively GMO-free raw materials and we actively campaign for a GMO-free world.

Product line: In our most important core areas we achieve and maintain a leading market position in the industry.

Autonomy: In order to achieve and secure all our social and ecological goals, our company is economically successful. Innovation, productivity and efficiency are our strengths.

Economic efficiency: We are growing organically.

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