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In 2004 we sponsored 11 projects in the countries of origin of our HAND IN HAND raw materials with a total sum of 42,000 EUR.

With the Christmas donation of 10,000 EUR we supported two projects with 5,000 EUR each. One 5,000 EUR donation went to the Dhamma Vijaya Community Development Foundation in Sri Lanka. The donation was used for a kindergarden and a daycare center in the vicinity of the coco mill that supplies coco chips to RAPUNZEL.

The other 5,000 EUR donation was used to support a pilot project for the construction of a solar-powered medicine cooling system in an Ethiopian health station.

The 42,000 EUR donations went to the following projects:

Project Country Description Amount
Hekima Girl’s Secondary School Tanzania Construction of a classroom for the daughters of our coffee growers 2.000,- EUR
Association des Veuves et Orphelins
du Houet
Burkina Faso Inception of a small loan program for association members 5.000,- EUR
Dhamma Vijaya Community Development Foundation Sri Lanka Construction of a daycare center and a youth training center in the village of our coconut farmers 5.000,- EUR
BUND-Berlin und RE-NEXT China Initiation of a water treatment project 2.500,- EUR
Foundation for Ornithology and the Protection of Species Philippines Rainforest protection through the promotion of alternative on-site land use 2.500,- EUR
Centro Cultural Ayopayamanta Bolivia Development of organic farming and environmental protection systems 5.000,- EUR
Trees for People  Bolivia Ausbau einer Baumschule und Anpflanzung von 8.000 Bäumen 2.500,- EUR
Solar Energy Foundation Inc Ethiopia Construction of a health station with solar-powered cooling system 5.000,- EUR
Patuca e. V. Honduras Construction of elementary schools in the rainforest 5.000,- EUR
Centre Int. De Coop. Developement Agricole Brasilien Supporting small-scale entrepreneuers with the construction of a processing plant 5.000,- EUR
Association SERACOM Burkina Faso Construction of storage houses for organic products in 5 villages 2.500,- EUR

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