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In 2005 we sponsored 13 projects in the countries of origin of our HAND IN HAND raw materials with more than 44,000 EUR.

The project of the Dhamma Vijaya Community Development Foundation in Sri Lanka was supported with the profits from the RAPUNZEL festival. Aid money for the reconstruction following the Tsunami in Sri Lanka was equally financed by employee donations and by RAPUNZEL.

The 44,000 EUR donations went to the following projects:

Project Country Description Amount
Association for the Cultural Development in Egypt Inc. Egypt Support of the Sekem Summer School 1.500,- EUR
Patuca e.V. Honduras Follow-up support for the year 2004: sustainable development of
communities in the Patuca National Park
3.000,- EUR
Planeta Verde Ltda Brazil Co-funding of university training for young people who work in organic agriculture 3.000,- EUR
Planeta Verde Ltda Brazil Construction of a youth campground that is used as training place for educationin organic agriculture. 4.000,- EUR
Pipe borne drinking water project Sri Lanka Supply of clean drinking water to the people of the village of Indulgodakande 4.000,- EUR
Andreba irrigation self help group Kenya Construction of a water supply system for drinking water and agricultural irrigation 3.000,- EUR
Trees for the world e.V. Namibia Reforestation and construction of tree nurseries combined with education about the importance of trees 3.000,- EUR
Fundasur Dominican Republic Construction and/or repair of two road sections that connect
communities with local markets and that provide infrastructure (e.g. access to doctors).
3.000,- EUR
Growth Project Kenya Support of the Mwihoko Women Group for constructing tree nurseries. The goal of this initiative is to avoid deforestation and to secure the supply of firewood. 4.000,- EUR
Ometepe Nicaragua Development of a station for organic agriculture and organic
supermarkets on an island in order to secure an independent supply with healthy food.
3.000,- EUR
Hekima Girl's Secondary School Tanzania Follow-up funding of the project from 2003 & 2004: equipping the girl‘s school with furniture and school materials. 3.000,- EUR
Dhamma Vijaya Community Development Foundation Sri Lanka Building of an extension to the daycare for teenage mothers and their children. 3.721,- EUR
Tsunami-Hilfe Sri Lanka Rebuilding of houses 5.970,- EUR

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