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In 2006 we sponsored 11 projects in the countries of origin of our HAND IN HAND raw materials with a total sum of 41,500 EUR.

The Hekima Girl’s Secondary School in Tanzania received the RAPUNZEL Christmas donation. The Patuca National Park in Honduras received emergency aid for the elimination of rat infestation in the summer of 2006.

The 41,500 EUR donations went to the following projects:

Project Country Description Amount
Solar Energy Foundation Inc. Ethiopia Financial assistance for the installation of solar power plants in an Ethiopian village 3.000,- EUR
Achal India Training program for the promotion of organic cultivation, fair trade, sustainable water supply and biodiversity 3.000,- EUR
AOPEB Bolivia Sponsoring of a school video that promotes the topic of agroforest systems 3.000,- EUR
Hekima Girl's Secondary School Tanzania Purchasing land for a school garden where the students can grow their own organic corn 6.500,- EUR
Tropica Verde e.V. Costa Rica Protection of the drinking water supply and protection of biological diversity 4.000,- EUR
El Ceibo Bolivia Publication of training materials for the cultivation of organic rice 3.000,- EUR
Patuca Nicaragua Emergency aid for the elimination of rat infestation 5.000,- EUR 
Anapqui Bolivia Reforestation and promotion of organic quinoa cultivation 4.000,- EUR
Cooproagro Dominican Republic Quality improvement of organic cocoa through the construction of a cocoa fermentation center, a cocoa drying plant and training classes 4.000,- EUR
Fundasur Dominican Republic Construction of a sports field 3.000,- EUR
Sekem Egypt Financial aid for farmers who convert to organic cotton cultivation 3.000,- EUR

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