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RAPUNZEL gives annual donations to the HAND IN HAND fund that is managed by the German Environmental Aid Assosciation (DUH).

In 2009 we sponsored 12 projects with a total sum of 80,904 EUR.
The 80,904 EUR donations went to the following projects:

Project Country Description Amount
Pro Regenwald e.V. (Pro Rainforest Association) Costa Rica Development of an agroforest garden by the indigenous population 4.700,- EUR
Global Nature Fund (GNF) - Asoc. Vivamos Mejor Guatemala Measures for the improvement of the organic coffee cultivation 5.000,- EUR
SEKEM Association Egypt Supporting integrated development in underdeveloped, rural regions 5.000,- EUR 
People's agricultural Farm India Conservation of native seeds through local farmers 3.000,- EUR 
Tropica Verde Costa Rica Alleviation of poverty through installation of solar power 3.000,- EUR 
SLAK ISC (International Solar Energy Research Center) Cameroon Education for sustainable development in the Monte Alto forest preserve 3.200,- EUR 
GRD e.V. ACOREMA Peru Support of a dolphin protection project 6.860,- EUR 
Asociación Pescado Azul Ecuador Support of a sustainable fishery micro project run by women 5.000,- EUR
ARA e.V. - Waldportal Germany Advancement of the www.waldportal.org 1.200,- EUR 
eddr e.V.  (engagement
durable pour le
développement rural)    
Ivory Coast    Improvement of living conditions of coffee growers in the former rebel region Dix-huit Montagne and protection of regional biodiversity 5.000,- EUR 
HEKIMA Girl's 
Secondary School
Tanzania Installation of sanitary facilities 33.944,- EUR
ARA e.V. Brazil Support of the Diahoi Indians – cultivation and distribution of Brazil nuts 5.000,- EUR

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