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Every year RAPUNZEL supports various initiatives in developing countries. One percent of the revenue from the HAND IN HAND raw materials is donated to the HAND IN HAND Fund that is managed by the German Envirornmental Aid Association (DUH) and RAPUNZEL. The fund receives additional money from donations and other campaigns. The available funds are offered every year at the international level:

Independent organizations, charitable projects and non-profit organizations can apply for up to 5,000 € from the Fund. With the HAND IN HAND fund RAPUNZEL wants to fight poverty and hunger by improving work and living conditions of people in poor countries. Additional goals of the HAND IN HAND fund are the protection of biodiversity and a sustainable influence on environmental conditions. Since 1998, the fund was used to support 122 projects around the world with a total sum of 504,000 € (last update 04/2011).

In 2010 we were able to support 18 projects with a total sum of 68,900 EUR.
This donation went to the following projects:

Project Country Description Amount
Tropica Verde e. V. Costa Rica Construction of an office building in the forest reserve in the region of Monte Alto 4.500,- EUR
eddr e. V. Ivory Coast Support of an organic coffee project 5.000,- EUR
ISC e. V. India Solar electricity project for a hospital in Kerela 3.500,- EUR
BUND e. V. Region Hannover Cuba Preservation of a snail species for the biological pest control  1.200,- EUR
Global Nature Fund -YK Rasi Indonesia Protection of the Irrawaddy dolphin 3.000,- EUR
Global Nature Fund UMMRL Mongolia Planting of buckthorn trees (prevention of a desertification and reduction of poverty) 5.000,- EUR
Global Nature Fund UMMRL Mongolia Organic farming in the region of Selange 5.000,- EUR
Wildlife Action Group (WAGI) e. V. Malawi Construction of a solar-powered electric fence to prevent conflicts between animals and humans in the Thuma Forest Reserve 5.000,- EUR
ARA e.V. - Waldportal Germany Advancement of the www.waldportal.org  1.200,- EUR
GRD e. V./ACOREMA Peru Support of a project for the protection of two dolphin group and against the defilement of the sea 3.000,- EUR
MULEBA Ass. of women living
with HIV
Tanzania Bee keeping and honey production - an initiative for women living with HIV 5.000,- EUR
Aktion Lebensträume e. V. Tibet Extension of an existing health centre 5.000,- EUR
SEKEM - Verein zur Förderung kultureller Entwicklungen e. V. Egypt Support of organic farmer with training regarding to hygiene and illiteracy and a construction of drinking water sources 3.000,- EUR
PIAF - EL CEIBO Bolivia Sustainable/organic farming in Alto Beni 5.000,- EUR
Kinsanga e. V. Congo Improvement of the living conditions of traumatized women and orphans 3.000,- EUR
Ikhaya Loxolo South Africa Drilling of a hole for a water source 3.500,- EUR
ISC e. V. Cameroon Buying of a juicer to alleviate the workload of the residents of the village Botbadjang 3.000,- EUR
German Environmental Aid Association (DUH) Botswana Protection of the biodiversity 5.000,- EUR

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