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Rapunzel supports the HAND IN HAND fund with annual donations. The HAND IN HAND fund is managed by the German Environmental Aid (DUH) and by Rapunzel.

In 2012 we supported 14 projects with a total sum of 71,140 Euro.
The funds were used to support the following projects:

Project Country Description Amount
ACOREMA Peru Installation of an information platform for responsible fishery practices and consumer behavior 5,000 EUR
Muleba Association Tanzania Preparation and implementation of basic education and income support crash courses for women 5,000 EUR
Lotus for Organic Products/Sekem Egypt Follow-up project for socio-economic betterment of farmers: build-up of infrastructure, educational seminars and refresher courses 5,000 EUR
Oro Verde Honduras Continuous training in sustainable organic cocoa cultivation, harvesting and processing; build-up of a producer association 5,000 EUR
ARA e.V. - Waldportal Germany Continuous support and maintenance of the website www.waldportal.org 1,000 EUR
Life-Giving Forest e.V. Philippines Follow-up project: reforestation of handicapped accessible forest trail, funding for three workplaces, installation of sanitary plants 5,000 EUR
Kaule e.V. Nepal Extension of a demonstration center and build-up of a plant nursery for the stabilization of an agricultural development project 5,000 EUR
ELPC Cameroon Installation of a water tank and solar equipment used for the water supply system and for disease prevention 5,000 EUR
Global Nature Fund Cambodia Awarness raising in the population for alternative fishing methods, allocation of technical equipment for ecosystem relief, formation of a cooperative in order to improve market access 5,000 EUR
Global Nature Fund South Africa Measures against poaching, awareness raising campaign, marketing events for the promotion of tourism as alternative source of income 5,000 EUR
Hekima Girls\' Secondary School Tanzania Follow-up project: land purchase, continuation of vegetable cultivation, hands-on cultivation training 15,000 EUR
Tropica Verde e.V. Costa Rica Grant for the Monte Alto project (environmental education) 140 EUR
Schüler für Schüler e.V. Tanzania Completion of a dormatory for boarding school students of the Hanga Monastery; the boarding school is open to students from all confessions 5,000 EUR
Aktionsbündnis Gentechnikfreie Region Main-Tauber e.V. Nicaragua Reforestation, reduction of soil erosion and humus build-up in agricultural areas, foudation of a growers association 5,000 EUR

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