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Teilhaberin der Kaffee Kooperative KCU
Teilhaberin der Kaffee Kooperative KCU


Fair trade combined with ecologic agriculture are first priority for Rapunzel and our partners from countries of the South.  

Since 1988 we receive raw material like cocoa and sugar from around the world. This is why we initiated the Hand in Hand – fair trade program. There the quality of collaboration with producers from countries of the South (so called developing countries) and the quality of the products grown in these countries are paramount.   The Hand in Hand-label carries these values since 1992 visible on the products that contain more than 50% of the raw material from the Hand in Hand – Partners. 

Responsibility for One World
Organic agriculture and fair trade are the base for Rapunzel to guarantee positive and sustainable development, healthy food, an unspoilt environment and a direct improvement of the living conditions of the farmers of countries of the South. We developed strict internal criteria for the Hand in Hand label to combine ecology and fair trade more effectively.

Appropriate wage for precious work
Especially in these countries, the pricing pressure that is practiced in the agricultural production causes tremendous suffering for people and damage to the environment. Fair trade with our Hand in Hand – Partners means long term means long term trade relationships with transparent conditions. The agreed prices are above the market level and contain an organic as well as a Hand in Hand prime.  

Today there are 18 Hand in Hand – Partners from Egypt, Bolivia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Costa Rica,  the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Ghana, Honduras, India, Paraguay, Sri Lanka and Tanzania. We receive 11 important raw materials that are used in over 100 Rapunzel products.

It is successful when all parties benefit
Around 18% of the total turnover is made by fair trade products. A long-term cooperation based on trust, a continuous exchange of information, personal visits and sustained quality controls guarantees the excellent standard of our products. Inspections by independent external certification bodies provides additional assurance.

We say enjoy ...
and say thank you that you are contributing to improve the living conditions of people from countries of the South by buying Hand in Hand – products. 
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