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100 % Organic + Fair trade

The HAND IN HAND program (HIH) started in 1992. This program combines the ideas of controlled organic farming and fair trade. Direct and long-term supplier relations guarantee new opportunities for the HIH partners and best organic quality for the consumer.

All Rapunzel products that are made with more 50 % fair trade raw materials from HIH partners are marked with Rapunzel’s proprietary HIH label. Longstanding, reliable cooperation, permanent exchange and personal on-site visits guarantee the highest organic quality. Independent inspectors regularly visit our HIH partners and carry out additional quality controls.

The HIH criteria are based on the IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement) guidelines for social justice, on definitions and requirements specified in the international standard SA 8000 (Social Accountability) of the Social Accountability International organization and the core work standards of ILO (International Labour Organization).

The HAND IN HAND Partner Stand for:

  • Quality products in highest organic quality
  • Compliance with all national rules and laws
  • Social security for employees
  • Humane, healthy and safe working conditions
  • Prohibition of child labor and slave labor
  • Total transparency

RAPUNZEL Naturkost Guarantees:

  • Long-term trade relations
  • Purchase guarantees
  • Fair product prices plus HIH bonus
  • Support of eco-social projects through the HIH bonus
  • Support and technical advice for farmers Coverage of costs for HIH inspection and certification
  • Advance financing and credits on request
  • Labeling and marking of products
  • 1% of purchase value of all HIH raw materials earmarked for HIH fund

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