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we take our responsibility seriously

Independent organic inspection
Every HAND IN HAND producer must be inspected by an independent organic inspection institute. The control takes place once or twice a year, even without advance notification. The product quality is continuously examined by analyzing samples in our own laboratory as well as in independent, external laboratories.

Independent HAND IN HAND inspection
The HAND IN HAND criteria are examined every two years by independent inspectors. The additional expenses for the inspection of the HAND IN HAND criteria are paid by RAPUNZEL.

Personal inspection
As important as the independent controls is the personal contact with our suppliers. RAPUNZEL organizes regular, mutual visits with the suppliers. In addition, the close personal contact makes it possible to identify problems and opportunities in an early stage and to create a strong base for long-term collaboration. This enables us to personally guarantee that the HAND IN HAND criteria are complied with.

RAPUNZEL HAND IN HAND – you can count on it
Every 2 years, the independent Institute for Market Ecology (IMO) inspects and certifies the correct handling of the HAND IN HAND projects and the compliance with the HAND IN HAND criteria. The audit includes RAPUNZEL’S compliance with the HAND IN HAND criteria, the pricing, the logistic handling, consultation and documentation.

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