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One World Award

Rapunzel Supports Future Makers

Rapunzel is represented around the world. Our raw materials are procured in nearly 40 countries. Rapunzel products are exported in as many countries. This international contact is the reason why company founder and Managing Director Joseph Wilhelm occupies himself intensively with the topic of globalization.

Inspired by this experience and the success of the HAND IN HAND fair trade program, Joseph Wilhelm and Rapunzel initiated the international “One World Award” (OWA) in 2008. The underlying thought of the award is the notion: we all live in one world.

With IFOAM, the international federation of the worldwide organic farming movement, Rapunzel found an ideal partner. Coordinator and Chairman of the OWA jury is Berward Geier, former Managing Director of IFOAM for 18 years.

Selection Process and Award Ceremony

Based on the information from the OWA application, the visit report and the interviews with the nominees, the international OWA jury selects the OWA laureate from the five finalists.

Every finalist receives an OWA certificate and a cash amount of 2,000 Euro. The OWA laureate receives a bronze OWA statue and 25,000 Euro prize money.

Goals of the One World Award

  • Support for globalization projects where the focus lies not exclusively on the maximization of profits but instead on the three pillars of sustainability: ecology, social aspects and economy.
  • Recognition of outstanding efforts and creative projects that promote the organic idea.
  • Encouragement for people who work for a future worth living and a peaceful society.

The Laureates

The One World Award (OWA) honors people, projects and innovative ideas who give globalization a positive dimension and make the world better and more equitable.

Eligible are especially those ideas and projects that are based on the three pillars of sustainability: ecology, economy and social aspects. In addition to the “One World Award”, Rapunzel also bestows the „Lifetime Achievement Award“ which honors prominent pioneers and outstanding persons who have worked throughout their live for the advancement and support of the organic movement.

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