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Organic Agriculture and Supplier Management

Organic Agriculture - Gentle to Soil, Plants, Animals and People

Rapunzel works 100 % with certified organic products. With organic agriculture we strive to produce healthy, high-quality foods without residues or contaminants and we want to conserve nature and natural resources.

Controlled Organic Cultivation Stands for:
  • Protecting and enhancing soil fertility
  • Acting prophylactically in order to prevent diseases or exorbitant pest infestation
  • Using closed nutrient loops where possible
  • Natural animal husbandry and feeding
  • Protecting natural resources soil, water and air
  • Actively protecting the environment, nature and biodiversity
  • Preserving biodiversity
  • Rejecting genetically manipulated organisms
  • Conserving energy and renewable resources
  • Secure agricultural jobs

Supplier Management - Long-term and Reliable Cooperation

With many suppliers Rapunzel has been cooperating reliably for many years. It is crucial for Rapunzel that the suppliers share the same high quality standards as well as Rapunzel’s corporate values and goals. The basis for the cooperation form our supplier specifications.

Long-standing cooperation establishes trust and transparency on both sides. Transparency is developed through mutual visits and structured audits. If requirements are not fulfilled, the supplier relationship may be terminated.

Structured, annual supplier evaluations facilitate the continuous development of the supplier cooperation. Every two years, Rapunzel assigns a „Supplier Award“ for suppliers of raw materials and traded commodities. Particularly outstanding performance is honored with the “Special Award”.

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