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Olives and antipasti – a taste of the Mediterranean

Experience the Mediterranean taste of RAPUNZEL olives and antipasti! We offer carefully hand-picked olives from Greece and Morocco, in both brine and natural olive oil.

Please try our specialities such as artichoke hearts, capers and dried tomatoes in natural olive oil!

Spice pastes - Italian cuisine with the RAPUNZEL pesto range

Bring Italian flair into your kitchen with RAPUNZEL pesto and spice pastes! These delicatessen products lend your dishes and sauces a typical Mediterranean flavour, because all RAPUNZEL spice pastes are produced directly in Italy using choice organic ingredients according to original recipes.

Tip: Try RAPUNZEL olive paste on toasted bread – a classic among antipasti!


  • Amphissa green olives in brine, without stone
  • Amphissa green olives in brine, with stone
  • Olive slices for salad and pizza
  • Kalamata olives violet in brine, with stone
  • Kalamata olives violet in brine, without stone
  • Kalamata olives violet in oil, with stone
  • Green olives filled with almonds in brine
  • Green olives filled with pepper in brine
  • Green olives filled with garlic in brine
  • Green olives filled with lemon in brine
  • Black olives with stone project
  • Artichoke hearts in olive oil
  • Artichoke quartered in brine
  • Dried tomatoes in olive oil
  • Soft tomatoes
  • Dried tomatoes, halves
  • Dried tomatoes, sliced in cubes
  • Capers in olive oil
  • Capers in brine
  • Green pepper in cocos vinegar brine
  • Peppers mild in brine project
  • Grilled red pepper in brine project
  • Grilled red pepper stripes in brine project
  • Gigantes jack beans in tomato sauce
  • Dolmas vine leaves filled with rice project
  • Antipasto della nonna

Spice Pastes

  • Olive paste made from Kalamata olives
  • Crema di Olive, olive paste
  • Crema di Aglio, garlic paste
  • Pesto Ligure
  • Pesto Siciliano
  • Pesto Verde, vegan
  • Pesto Rosso, vegan
  • Crema di Peperoncino, hot
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