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Shall we meet for a coffee?

Cappuccino, espresso, café au lait, Irish coffee - coffee is a culture!
We at RAPUNZEL are proud to be able to offer you fair-trade enjoyment from controlled organic farming with our complete range of Gusto café and cocoa.

RAPUNZEL Gusto café:
  • Arabica: made from 100% Arabica beans from the highlands of the Dominican Republic.
  • Mild: fine mild highland quality for wholesome enjoyment.
  • Espresso all’Italiana: its traditional Italian roasting method gives it its piquant flavour and classic smoothness.
  • Viva: aromatic flavour for active enjoyment.
RAPUNZEL cereal coffee:
  • Chicco instant: Soluble cereal coffee for the whole family.
  • Chicco Mezzo: Soluble mixture of cereal and bean coffee.

Cocoa and instant beverages

  • Cocoa powder: for baking and for desserts.
  • Tiger cocoa drink: full chocolate taste due to its high cocoa content (40%), without emulsifier.
  • Tiger Quick Instant: soluble in cold or hot milk Quick Instant.


  • Chicco Instant,                             100% cereal fruit coffee
  • Chicco-Mezzo,                               50% cereal / 50% beans
  • Gusto coffee Arabica ground
  • Gusto coffee Arabica whole beans
  • Gusto coffee Espresso all’Italiana ground
  • Gusto coffee Espresso all'Italiana whole beans
  • Gusto coffee mild ground
  • Gusto coffee Viva ground
  • Gusto coffee Viva whole beans
  • Gusto coffee decaffeinated ground

Cocoa & drink powder

  • Cocoa powder, low fat 
  • Tiger cocoa drink
  • Tigerquick cocoa drink instant
  • Carob powder 
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