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  • Thaib. long grain rice, white
  • Thaib. long grain rice, brown
  • Short grain rice, brown
  • Pudding rice, white
  • Risotto short grain rice, brown
  • Risotto short grain rice, white
  • Carnaroli rice
  • Red Carmargue rice
  • Original Basmati rice, brown
  • Original Basmati rice, white
  • Jasmin rice, brown 
  • Jasmin rice, white
  • Rice combination with wild rice
  • Wild rice
  • Parboiled rice, white 
  • Sweet rice "Mochi", brown
  • Original risotto with tomatoes and basil
  • Original risotto with vegetables
  • Original risotto with porcini mushrooms 

If you want to live a long and happy life - eat rice every day

This quote from a Chinese proverb expresses the value placed on their staple food by the population of Asia. There are well over a thousand varieties of rice world-wide.

Since a humid climate is ideal for growing rice, the main rice-growing areas are in Asia. However, in recent decades, a tradition of rice farming has also developed in the USA and in southern Europe, for example in the Po valley in Italy or the French Camargue.

RAPUNZEL offer a wide range of rice specialities from controlled organic farming, including both natural and white rice, as well as special products such as the rice mixture with Canadian wild rice.
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