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Naturally sweet

RAPUNZEL sweeteners such as maple syrup, RAPADURA® whole cane sugar and Cristallino raw cane sugar from ecological farms are ideal for those who want to sweeten naturally and nutritiously.

RAPADURA® whole cane sugar and Cristallino raw cane sugar are fair trade products sourced from our HAND IN HAND partners Planeta Verde in Brazil and As-sukar in Costa Rica.

Baking ingredients - choice and nutritious

Do you like your baking to be nutritious and delicious? Then RAPUNZEL baking ingredients are just the thing for your baking, whether at Christmas or on other occasions. As well as the basic products like nuts, flour or sweeteners, we can offer you a selection of choice baking ingredients such as ground nuts, carob powder, honey marzipan, orange and lemon essences and chocolate coatings as well as BIOREAL® yeast.

Vegetarian thickeners - simply good!

For nutritious vegetarian gourmet cooking we offer you a choice of three different thickeners, which are all pure vegetarian and cholesterol-free.

Maize starch, agar-agar and carob kernel flour are all flavour-neutral and can be used simply to thicken desserts, sauces, soups and other dishes.

Baking ingredients

  • Hazelnuts roasted, ground
  • Almonds roasted, ground
  • Hazelnuts roasted project
  • Almonds roasted
  • Almonds blanched, Europe
  • Almond sticks
  • Almond slivers
  • Coconut grated project HiH
  • Coconut chips project HiH
  • Dry yeast
  • Yeast cubes 
  • Yeast paste
  • Honey marzipan
  • Whole milk chocolate drops HiH 
  • Semisweet chocolate drops HiH
  • White couverture HiH
  • Milk couverture HiH 
  • Semisweet couverture HiH 
  • Nougat
  • RAPADURA whole milk couverture HiH
  • RAPADURA semisweet couverture HiH
  • Cocoa powder, low fat HiH
  • Candied orange peel without sugar
  • Candied lemon peel without sugar
  • Bourbon vanilla pods
  • Boubon vanilla powder
  • Boubon vanilla sugar with Rapadura HiH
  • Boubon vanilla sugar with Cristallino

Binding agents 

  • Agar Agar powder 
  • Locust bean gum

Pudding powder

  • Chocolate pudding powder
  • Vanilla pudding powder


  • Maple syrup
  • Cristallino raw cane sugar HiH
  • RAPADURA whole cane sugar HiH
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