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  • Atlantic sea salt fine
  • Sea salt with iodine
  • Herb salt
  • Herb salt with iodine 
  • Yeast flakes
  • Gomasio (sesame and sea salt)
  • Tomato yeast flakes


  • Vegetable bouillon
  • Vegetable bouillon without yeast
  • Vegetable stock cubes without yeast
  • Vegetable stock cubes original
  • Vegetable stock cubes with herbs
  • Vegetable stock cubes low salt
  • Delicacy-bouillon fine-grained
  • Crossies fried batter pearls 


  • Bourbon vanilla powder
  • Bourbon vanilla pods
  • Bourbon vanilla sugar

Salt – white gold from the sea

Everything which is important to man has always been compared with gold, and has often replaced this as a currency. Salt is not only a seasoning for food, its main constituent sodium chloride is vital to the human organism.

Our range includes 2 types of sea salt, herbal salt, both also available with iodine-containing algae, as well as three seasoning salts with a high content of herbs and spices.Our sea salt is obtained by traditional methods in salt gardens and is neither refined nor mixed with trickle-caking agents.

Salt gardens - the source of RAPUNZEL’s Mediterranean and Atlantic sea salt

By the coast, the seawater is traditionally diverted into large basins, so-called salt gardens, where the water evaporates and the salt crystallises out. It is washed several times with seawater, re-dried and sifted. This gentle process largely preserves the valuable minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium.

Soups - with body and soul

Whether to round off sauces or as a tasty snack - our pure vegetable stocks and soups are ready in no time. RAPUNZEL vegetable stocks and soups contain:
  • no added flavour-enhancer,
  • no artificial or “natural” flavourings,
  • no colourings, acidifiers or stabilisers
  • no ingredients containing gluten, lactose or cholesterol
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