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Our idealistic concept of the world

  • A just and livable world where globality is not a threat but an opportunity.
  • All regions are partners with equal rights.
  • We have only one earth where all people have the same right to live in peace and have
    adequate work and income.
  • Healthy, high-quality foods are our contribution. Our food products advance the well-being of the people and are available for everyone.
  • With the production of our foods we promote the distribution of organic farming and contribute to the conservation of our natural environment for today’s and tomorrow’s generations.
  • This creates adequate value for all those who participate in the process from the field to the table.
  • Personal responsibility that encompasses the individual awareness is the base of all our actions, our lives and our daily work.

RAPUNZEL Corporate Philoso
These values determine our actions

  • We are committed to foodstuffs that are produced and processed without genetically modified organisms.
  • We treat our partners with fairness.
  • Our agricultural partners, our processing and our trade partners share our philosophy.
  • We know the origin of our products.
  • Through our work we actively conserve the environment. For us, ecology and sustainability is an integral challenge that cannot be reduced to several partial aspects. In all our decisions we always consider the conservation of natural resources, the protection of the climate and the preservation of biodiversity.
  • For us organic agriculture is the base of sustainable economy and therefore an essential contribution for global food security.
  • Safe jobs and a good working atmosphere form the foundation of our economic success. Personal fulfillment (being in the right place),
    enjoying the job and having fun at work are the cornerstones of our corporate culture.
  • Our economic decisions are not influenced by outsiders. Being independent from banks and large investors is part of our corporate culture.
  • We understand ourselves as branded goods producer with our own distribution. The mixture of various distribution channels always gives us the freedom to act.
  • We appreciate our customers. Their needs determine our actions.
  • We produce organics with love.

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