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HAND IN HAND - 100 % Organic + Fair trade

HAND IN HAND combines the idea of certified organic products with fair trade. Long-term and guaranteed trade relationships provide new future prospects for our farmers and best organic quality for our customers. RAPUNZEL started the HAND IN HAND project in 1987 with one trade partner – the El Ceibo cooperative. Today, the HAND IN HAND group has grown to 14 partners. They supply us with 11 important fair trade raw materials. 


The Turkey project is the oldest and most comprehensive RAPUNZEL project. The foundation for an organic farming project in Turkey was laid in 1985. At first, only figs and sultanas were exported to Germany but with time more and more farmers became interested in the cooperation with RAPUNZEL and the exported amounts and the number of different organic products grew. 

In 1991 RAPUNZEL opened a consultancy in the city of Izmir that turned into a subsidiary company, RAPUNZEL Organic Ltd., in 1997.

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