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E-Mail: info@rapunzel.de
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Our ambition – top quality from controlled organic cultivation!

The experienced RAPUNZEL Quality Control Team continuously performs very elaborate quality controls. Additionally, our products are analyzed by recognized external laboratories.

The most important elements of the RAPUNZEL quality:

1. Very close contact to our suppliers

  • Fair cooperations
  • Improvement of cultivation conditions and production processes
  • Identification of possible sources of pollution
  • Regular supplier audits, i.e. personal on-site inspection by RAPUNZEL staff
2. Thorough control of incoming goods
  • Inspection of the truck or container load
  • Inspection of packing and labels
  • Sampling
  • Continuous transparency from the field to the table
3. Sampling and analysis
  • Coordination and implementation of optimal sampling
  • Analytical tests (quick tests) in our own laboratory by RAPUNZEL staff
  • Additional quality controls by independent, external experts
  • Control of organoleptic and visual criteria
4. Improvement and monitoring of production processes
  • Optimal conservation of all valuable components, e.g. vitamins and minerals
  • Use of the best organic raw materials
  • Production of food products free of synthetic additives (e.g. aromas)
  • Gentle, traditional processing

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