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E-Mail: info@rapunzel.de
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In order to ensure a thorough control of incoming goods every RAPUNZEL article receives its own lot number during cultivation, transport and processing. With this lot number, the goods can be backtracked all the way to the producer.

Additional quality controls by independent, external experts and by RAPUNZEL staff include the following:
  • Multiple controls of all products obtained from our own cultivation projects or products that are delivered to us by our suppliers
  • Analysis of advance samples at headquarters in Legau and by accredited laboratories
  • Batch-related sampling and analysis for more than 600 different parameters, e.g.:
    pesticides and heavy metals for incoming goods
  • Continuous control of the entire production process by our quality team that includes 2 food engineers, 1 chemical food engineer, 1 food engineer for product development and 3 food chemists.
  • Average annual expenditures for analytical work: 300,000 EURO
Gentle processing of our high-quality organic raw materials is our tradition and has positive effects on the quality of our products:
  • Nuts for our nut spreads are always freshly roasted prior to processing using gentle hot-air roasting.
  • All RAPUNZEL cooking oils are cold-pressed and processed without chemical additives. Thanks to the gentle pressing technique, the runout temperature of our native sunflower oils, for example, always remains under 40° C. Nutritious ingredients such as vitamins, fatty acids and secondary plant compounds are conserved..

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