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The beginnings of RAPUNZEL in Turkey date back to 1976. After years of strenuous pioneer work, the first organic products from Turkey were procured in 1986. Then and now our goal is to ensure 100% genuine RAPUNZEL organic quality in direct, responsible cooperation with our Turkish farmers – without compromises!

The RAPUNZEL guarantee for all products from the Turkey project


  • 100 % certified and controlled organic quality: we resume direct responsibility for the cultivation, the storage of the products in our own warehouses, the processing plant in Ören and the product distribution
  • Continuous supervision of the farmers by agricultural engineers: on-site training and hands-on advise
  • Strict inspection of harvest amounts in relation to cultivated acreage
  • Fruit deliveries directly from the farmers – without intermediate trade (best added value for farmers, no product mixing due to intermediate trade, quality assurance)
  • Proprietary composting plant for supplying the farmers with high-quality, organic compost
  • Fair partnership and fair prices for farmers including up to 15% organic bonus, advance payment and purchase of agreed harvest amounts
  • Thorough quality control through quality assurance teams in Turkey, in Germany and renowned, external laboratories
  • Swiss organic certification standard for cultivation and processing (bio.inspecta)
  • System of complete traceability – from the counter to the farmer for example via labeled (farmer code) crates
  • All ingredients for dried fruit processing such as rice flour, sunflower oil, rice, spices and herbs from organic cultivation
  • Extraordinary high social standards for Turkey: health insurance, pension insurance and free, warm lunch for all employees. Bright and ecologically-sound climatized workspace, sanitary and recreation rooms according to German workplace guideline
  • No child labor and home based work; guaranteed social insurance payments, high hygiene and quality standards 
  • Energy efficient production process with high environmental standards, e.g. cold storage houses with external wall insulation and zero emission drying process

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