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A network is founded

RAPUNZEL’s most comprehensive village project in Turkey can be found in the Salihli region. Already in the early 1990s most of the farmers from the Tekelioglu village joined the organic farming project. Once the project became successful, the five neighboring villages in the Salihli region joined forces and participated in the project.

Today 80 farming families grow organic sultanas, tomatoes, cotton and many more crops, some even use biodynamic cultivation methods. The RAPUNZEL office integrates the entire farming family, for examples by offering special training courses for women.

During the regular meetings the RAPUNZEL agricultural engineers discuss with the farmers and advise them on various topics such as the purchase of machinery or the installation of a jointly operated composting plant.

Positive side effects
Due to the gradual environmental deterioration in the 1980s, the fish in the nearby Salihli Marmara Gölu Lake had died out. With the transition to sustainable and environmentally sound farming methods, the eco system recovered and plants and animals could prosper again.

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