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Aromatic dried tomatoes

Turkey is the country of dried foods. From the Tekelioglu village project, RAPUNZEL also procures dried tomatoes.

The tomato plants are bred from seeds. The juvenile tomato plants are planted on the fields in the month of May. Turkish tomato fields resemble German potato fields. In organic farming, the weeding between the planted rows is done mechanically 3-5 times during the growing season. The weeds between the individual plants, however, are removed laboriously by hand.

After the harvest, the tomatoes are cut into two halves, put in the sun with the cut side up and sprinkled with salt. After six days of drying in the sun, the tomatoes are collected. In the next step, the tomatoes are transported to the RAPUNZEL storehouse in Ören for further processing.

Tomaten am Strauch
Tomaten am Strauch

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