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For example the Turkey Project
From the field to the store – controlled organic quality

  • Depending on the quality of the raw materials we pay an organic bonus of 8-12%.
  • The bonus reimburses the farmer for the additional expenditure associated with organic cultivation and makes it easier for the farmer to live off small-scale farming.
  • Four RAPUNZEL agricultural engineers regularly visit the farmers, give technical advice, help with farm conversions and crop rotation planning.
Cooperation with organic farmers
  • Our staff holds regular on-site meetings with the local farmers in order to discuss problems and seek solutions.
  • During the winter season we organize regular advanced training sessions in organic farming techniques.
  • From time to time, RAPUNZEL publishes a newspaper for farmers who participate in a particular project.
  • The farmers commit themselves to the organic farming guidelines and RAPUNZEL pledges to purchase the products provided that the product quality complies with the requirements.
  • Long-term contract farming resulted in a close relationship between RAPUNZEL and the farmers.
  • Since the products are processed and stored in Ören, Turkey, RAPUNZEL can guarantee that there is no mixing of organic and conventional products.
Internal controls
  • Direct contracts with the farmers.
  • An individual farmer code ensures a transparent supply chain.
  • Residue tests when purchasing the raw materials and regular visits by the agricultural engineers.
External controls
  • Inspection by the independent Institute for Market Ecology (IMO). IMO is located in Switzerland and operates its own Quality Control Office in Izmir, Turkey.
  • IMO controls are in compliance with the EG Organic Ordinance and the strict guidelines of Bio Suisse, Demeter and Naturland.

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