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We believe in a just and livable world. We live up to this responsibility with consequent organic agriculture right from the beginning, fair-trade and social standards or the support of eco-social projects around the globe. Get informed about the Rapunzel farming projects, our own HAND IN HAND fair-trade program and other organic partners from the region and/or the entire world.

Organic farming projects from Rapunzel Naturkost
Organic partner for delicious organic products

Rapunzel farming projects

Pioneer projects in organic farming

Rapunzel is committed to the continuous development of organic agriculture - both regionally in Germany as well as in Europe and worldwide. As early as 1990, Rapunzel initiated a farming project that produced the first organic coconuts worldwide. Rapunzel's oldest and biggest cultivation project is located in Turkey. The roots of this project reach back into the mid 1970s. An example how a vision turned into reality.

The Rapunzel Turkey project

The Turkey project is Rapunzel's biggest and oldest farming project. The first contacts between founder and shareholder Joseph Wilhelm and the Turkish farmers date back into the mid 1970s. Today, 430 peasant families cultivate organic figs, sultanas, raisins, hazelnuts, olives and much more for Rapunzel. Social aspects are especially important for Rapunzel - both with respect to the cooperation with the farming families and with respect to how the products are processed in the subsidiary Organik Tarim in Ören near the city of Izmir. 

The Rapunzel Azerbaijan project

Since 2018, Rapunzel has been sourcing organic hazelnuts from Azerbaijan. For this cooperation lots of preliminary work was needed - especially development work in Azerbaijan and two years of intensive counselling and support by Rapunzel. But it was worth it: the cooperation with Rapunzel gives local farmers new opportunities and perspectives. And Rapunzel customers can enjoy premium organic hazelnuts.


Fair partnerships around the world

HAND IN HAND is a fair-trade program that was developed by Rapunzel, several HAND IN HAND suppliers and independent experts. Right from the beginning, the program has been concentrating on combining fair-trade and organic agriculture. HAND IN HAND focuses on the quality of the cooperation with producers from the global South and the quality of the crops that are grown in these countries. 

The fair trade program is complemented by a binding yearly HAND IN HAND donation made by Rapunzel. Since 1998, it allows us to support ecological and social projects worldwide.

The HAND IN HAND program

Fair by conviction: the HAND IN HAND partner program is Rapunzel's proprietary, externally certified fair-trade program. It was founded in 1992 and was the first fair-trade label that guaranteed 100 % organically produced products. The program expresses the fundamental belief that ecological sustainability always needs economic and social sustainability - these ideas go "hand in hand".

The HAND IN HAND partner

Direct and long-term supplier relationships give the HAND IN HAND partners in the global South future perspectives and guarantee the customers premium organic quality. Find out more about Rapunzel's HAND IN HAND partners, their products and the opportunities that fair trade gives them.
Benedikt Adler

The HAND IN HAND donation

Out of the HAND IN HAND program, Rapunzel developed its HAND IN HAND donation. From 1998 to 2021 Rapunzel supported with the HAND IN HAND fund, realized jointly with Environmental Action Germany (Deutsche Umwelthilfe), eco-social projects in the Global South. Since 2022, the HAND IN HAND donation is granted through the RAPUNZEL One World Organic Foundation towards ecological and social projects worldwide.

Regional and international organic farming partners

Partnerschaft auf Augenhöhe mit Rapunzel Lieferanten

Partnerships at eye level for mutual success

We know the origin of our products and we treat our suppliers fairly and respectfully. The prerequisites for this are long-term partnerships with our suppliers and the sharing of mutual values and goals. For us, organic agriculture is one of the most important elements for effective environmental and climate proection, the basis of a sustainable, future-proof economy and an essential contribution to the global food supply. 

Get to know the people who are responsible for the high quality of Rapunzel products and who contribute day after day to a just and livable world - a matter of heart and mind.
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