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Energy balls with apricot paste, almonds and choco dark spread


Mix all ingredients in a high-performance mixer until the desired consistency is achieved. Measure the portions with a teaspoon and form into small balls.

If there is no high-performance mixer available: Chop almonds and possibly cranberries with a knife. Knead all the ingredients well with your hands and form small balls. If desired, roll in puffed amaranth, hemp seeds, grated coconut or cocoa powder.

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301630 Apricot paste project
160283 bionella chocolate hazelnut spread, vegan HAND IN HAND
201340 European almonds
401860 Amaranth popped
601050 Hemp seeds peeled
313200 Cranberries
1460370 Bourbon vanilla powder HAND IN HAND
1200135 Atlantic sea salt fine
160920 Choco, chocolate spread HAND IN HAND
314250 Coconut grated
1433235 Cocoa powder, low fat HAND IN HAND

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