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The Legau Declaration: position paper „Yes to palm oil, but the right way!“

The joint declaration was the result of the Rapunzel palm oil forum
The position paper was developed at the Rapunzel palm oil forum. It was authored by all the organizations named on this page. 

Video & report from the palm oil forum 2016 Download: position paper as PDF
Like any other crop, palm oils can make a useful contribution to today's and tomorrow's nutrition and raw material supply. The decisive factor is the way how palm oils are cultivated. Instead of a multitude of different seals and certifications, this declaration specifies concrete goals and demands. 

Consumers demand the right that the following criteria with respect to the cultivation, the processing and the use of palm oil are observed:

  • no use of palm oil for the energy sector.
  • no large-scale mono cultures.
  • no more clearing of primary forest and protection of sound secondary forests.
  • no agricultural use of peat soils in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 
  • palm oil cultivation and processing must be integrated into traditional, local social structures.
  • existing land use rights and the the rights of indigenous populations must be respected. 
  • existing animal and plant habitats must be protected effectively.
  • animal and plant diversity must be protected and supported also within existing palm oil plantations.
  • fair working conditions, verifiable social standards and the strict compliance with existing laws at all levels of the production.
  • the health and the well-being of farmers and plantations workers shall not be harmed by agrochemicals. 

For the verification of a fair, socially- and environmentally-sound palm oil production the following criteria are an absolute prerequisite:

100 % traceability to the origin. This requires a completely transparent process chain from the cultivation to the trade and the processing all the way to the finished product. 
100 % transparent labelling of palm ingredients (amount and origin) on all food products, cosmetics and consumer goods.
The possibility for visits and local verification through experts, the staff of NGOs and media representatives.
Through a consequent implementation of organic farming and fair trade principles most of the named criteria would be fufilled. 

We hereby urge policy makers to,

  • immediately develop appropriate conditions for a verifiable, eco-socially sustainable palm oil cultivation and not to count exclusively on the principle of "voluntary self-commitment",
  • to support already existing initiatives and value that comply with these criteria 
  • to immediately end the addition of palm oil into agro fuel.

This declaration results from the contributions and discussions from participating scientists, trade representatives, processors, non-governmental organizations, consumers and media representatives who met on the occasion of the palm oil forum at Rapunzel Naturkost in the town of Legau.

Legau, December 2016

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