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The Rapunzel Turkey Project

Der leitende Agraringenieur Reşat Çakmak kontrolliert die Feigenernte vor Ort
Der leitende Agraringenieur Reşat Çakmak kontrolliert die Feigenernte vor Ort
The beginnings of Rapunzel in Turkey date back into the year 1976. After several years of elaborate pioneer work, the first organic products from Turkey were sourced in 1986. Since the start of the project our goal has been 100 % guaranteed, reliable organic quality and active, social sustainability for the Turkish farmers. Guaranteed without compromises!

The Rapunzel Guarantee for all products from the Turkey Project:

  • 100 % certified and controlled organic quality: from the field, the storage of raw materials in our own warehouse, the processing in Ören, the trading and all the way to the store counter.
  • Agricultural engineers for continuous supervision of farmers: on-site counseling, training and monitoring
  • Harvest quantities are verified in relationship to cultivated acreage
  • Fruits are directly purchased from farmers – there is no intermediate trade (highest added value for farmers, no mixing of products through intermediate trade, quality assurance)
  • Proprietary composting plant that provides farmers with high-quality organic fertilizer
  • Fair partnership and fair prices for farmers with up to 15 % organic bonus, partial pre-payment and guaranteed purchase of agreed yield quantities

  • Quality controls at close intervals performed by Rapunzel quality assurance in Turkey and in Germany as well as by renowned, external laboratories
  • Swiss organic certification standard for cultivation and processing (bio.inspecta)
  • System ensuring complete traceability – from the counter to the farmer, for example with specially marked boxes (farmer code)
  • All ingredients and additives for processing of dried fruit such as rice flour and sunflower oil as well as rice, spices and herbs that are used for other processed products come exclusively from controlled organic cultivation

  • Exceptionally high social standards for Turkish employees including health insurance, pension insurance and free warm lunch for all workers
  • Bright workplaces with environmentally-sound air conditioning; washrooms and common rooms equipped in accordance with German Guideline for Workplaces
  • No child labor and homeworking in order to ensure hygiene and quality standards as well as social security benefits
  • Energy efficient manufacturing process with high environmental standards


Fair trade and organic farming are central for Rapunzel

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