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Rapunzel clearly stands out from the ever growing organic segment ...



In 1974 Joseph Wilhelm and Jennifer Vermeulen founded a company named RAPUNZEL ...


Today, it fills us with pride that 74 of our products carry the HAND IN HAND label ...


In our range, we can offer you around 400 different products of the best organic quality ...

Organic pioneers

Once upon a time there were ... two visionaries who conjured up delicious Samba from a good idea. Sounds like a Rapunzel fairy tale?

Let us take you into the world of our suppliers and take a look behind the scenes of our manufacturing process!

Find the answers to your questions:
  • How is Samba made?
  • Where does the aromatic organic cocoa come from?
  • What exactly does “organic” mean?

This and much more you will learn in the Rapunzel film.

Palm oil

Currently, palm oil is probably the most controversial raw material in the food industry. What is really true? Important questions and answers

Fairy tale wedding: ZWERGENWIESE and RAPUNZEL Naturkost  will walk on a common path in the future 

With effect from February 28, 107, Rapunzel Naturkost located in Legau in the Allgäu acquires Zwergenwiese Naturkost GmbH located in Silberstedt in the state of Schleswig Holstein.

Rapunzel receives the CSR Award of the German Federal Governmen

The German Federal Government awarded Rapunzel Naturkost GmbH with the CSR Award. Company founder and managing director Joseph Wilhelm received the award in Berlin and rejoiced in this special appreciation for sustainable economic practice and social management.    


Organics with love

For the first time in company history Rapunzel publishes all its sustainable achievements in a proper sustainability report.

This sustainability report, however, summarizes the most important facts from all the different areas. Future sustainability reports will be based on this concept.

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