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Since 1988 RAPUNZEL gets its tasteful RAPADURA whole cane sugar from the sugar cane plantation and sugar mill PLANETA VERDE in Brasil. Family Baumgartner-Lutz, who is successfully running the mill, has now been dedicated for centuries in organic agriculture and in a responsible way of living.

What is special in cultivating organic sugar cane?

Since 1987 the farm has been operated in accordance with organic principles. The farm offers a big variety: cattle, a lot of trees, small lakes etc. Integration of compost and livestock farming improves nutrient cycling, soil fertility and the health of the sugar cane plant. Because of strong tropical rainfalls exists the danger of the arable topsoil being washed away. Therefore the sugar cane is planted amongst  a variety of bushes, trees and small biotopes prevent topsoil erosion.
sugar cane ripe to harvest
sugar cane ripe to harvest

HAND IN HAND with Planeta Verde

Workers at Planeta Verde are employed the whole year round. They get considerably higher wages compared to the Brazilian minimum wage. Planeta Verde provides houses on the farm in which some workers are living together with their families. Houses are supplied with running water and electricity. A garden provides the workers with vegetables and medicinal herbs. Additional benefits supplied by family Baumgartner-Lutz are free medical treatment for the workers and free education for the workers´ children, training courses on issues of alimentation, child care and environmental consciousness. Family Baumgartner-Lutz also helps poor families in the region who suffer from starvation.

RAPUNZEL supports their activities by paying considerably higher prices than usually being paid on the world market for white refined sugar and also by maintaining long-term trade relations. Additional every Hand in Hand – Partner receives a premium to use to social projects in the country.

Emilio Lutz, owner of Planeta Verde
Emilio Lutz, owner of Planeta Verde

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