The entire process chain with the example of "Samba" 

1. Procurement of raw materials

  • Hazelnuts from Turkey, Rapadura whole cane sugar from Brazil, Cristallino sugar from Paraguay, palm fat from Ghana, cocoa from Bolivia and the Dominican Republic, milk powder from the Allgäu, vanilla from the Comoros
  • Packaging materials: jars, lids, labels, cardboard boxes

2. Processing raw materials to semi-finished products

  • Cracking of hazelnuts in our own organic cracking plant in Turkey, classification according to size (important for uniform quality and taste during roasting) 
  • Processing of cocoa beans to cocoa powder and cocoa butter
  • Deodorization of palm fat
  • Processing of vanilla beans to vanilla powder
Bei der Entwicklung neuer Produkte kombinieren wir naturbelassene Rohstoffe für ein ausgezeichnetes Geschmackserlebnis – ohne Zusätze oder Verstärker.  - Stephen-Sven Hubbes, Leiter der Rapunzel Produktentwicklung

3. Raw material inspection

  • Incoming goods inspection for physical parameters (water content, purity, other parameters) 
  • Characteristics such as particle size for sugar, taste (all products) 
  • Analyses of chemical residues and heavy metals, microbiological analyses 
  • Inspection of packaging materials

4. Production planning

  • Scheduling of a certain product for a specific processing plant according to an appropriate order
  • Availability check of all raw materials and the packaging materials
  • Scheduling of production staff

5. Production

  • Roasting hazelnuts in our own roasting plant
  • Mixing all ingredients
  • Grinding the ingredients
  • Filling, capping with lids and labelling

Samba choc. hazelnut spread
Samba choc. hazelnut spread

6. Storage and distribution 

  • Packaging in cardboard boxes
  • Palettizing and storage, order picking and transport specialist retailers

Example Turkey project – controlled organic from the fields to the packaging


  • Depending on the quality of the raw materials we pay an organic bonus of 8-12%.
  • The bonus reimburses the farmer for the additional effort associated with organic cultivation and makes it easier for the farmer to live off small-scale farming.


  • Four RAPUNZEL agricultural engineers regularly visit the farmers, give technical advice, help with the conversion to organic farming and with the planning of crop rotation.

Cooperation with organic farmers

  • Our staff hold regular on-site meetings with the local farmers in order to discuss problems and seek solutions.
  • During the winter season we organize regular advanced training sessions in organic farming techniques.
  • From time to time, Rapunzel publishes a newspaper for farmers who participate in a particular project. 


  • The farmers commit themselves to the organic farming guidelines and Rapunzel pledges to purchase the products provided when the product quality complies with the requirements.
  • Long-term contract farming results in a close relationship between Rapunzel and the farmers.
  • Since the products are processed and stored in Ören, Turkey, Rapunzel can guarantee that there is no mixing of organic and conventional products.

Internal controls

  • Direct contracts with the farmers.
  • An individual farmer code ensures a transparent supply chain.
  • Residue tests when purchasing the raw materials and regular visits from the agricultural engineers.

External controls

  • Inspection by the independent bio.inspecta Institute. bio.inspecta is located in Switzerland and operates its own quality control office in Izmir, Turkey.
  • IMO controls are in compliance with the EC Organic Ordinance and the strict guidelines of Bio Suisse, Demeter and Naturland.
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Telefon: +49 (0) 8330 / 529 - 0
Telefax: +49 (0) 8330 / 529 - 1188