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Organic cultivation

Gentle to the soil, plants, animals and people
The production of healthy, high-quality foodstuff without chemical contamination is the goal of organic cultivation. A caring relationship with nature and natural resources is paramount. Therefore soil fertility, closed nutrient cycles and species-appropriate animal welfare play the most important roles next to many additional aspects. Completely omitted in organic cultivation are synthetic chemical herbicides and pesticides. Genetically manipulated seeds are also prohibited. Organic farming protects drinking water, the soil and the climate and contributes to the conservation of biodiversity. 
Controlled organic cultivation stands for:
  • Conservation and support of soil fertility e.g. through sensible crop rotation, green and organic manure (e.g. with composted animal manure).
  • Prevention of disease or excessive pest infestation e.g. with locally adapted plants, the use of beneficial insects or mechanical field work (manual collection of pests, hoeing, weeding). 
  • Use of closed nutrient cycles, e.g. through animal husbandry and field work on the same farm 
  • species-appropriate handling and feeding of animals, e.g. free-range husbandry, pasturage amd low animal population  
  • protection of the natural life resources soil, water and air, e.g. prohibition of chemical pesticides and mineral fertilizers 
  • active protection of environment, nature and species, e.g. protection of beneficial insects (e.g. establishment of hedges and biotope conservation) or the use of old domestic animal breeds   
  • rejection of genetic engineering, e.g. with respect to seeds or in animal feed 
  • conservation and protection of energy and natural resources, e.g. through the use of solar energy 
  • secure jobs in agriculture

Organic farmers protect and conserve the natural cycle that starts with a healthy and active soil, leads to robust plants and animals and finally results in healthy and wholesome food products. The farm itself is seen as a unity that can be compared to a living organism.  
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