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Organic-Fair Farming HAND IN HAND-Fair-Trade-Program

HAND IN HAND: 100% fair + 100% organic

For Rapunzel fair trade means being fair to people and also being fair to nature. This is why we have been focusing on organic cultivation and fair production since the beginning. 

How come, you might ask. In the beginning of the 90ies there were only few organic products in the classic fair trade. So we decided to develop our own, proprietary fair trade label that corresponded with our strict requirements – for our partners in countries of the South, for ourselves and for a sound environment. 

Justice and fairness for more quality

Rapunzel guarantees HAND IN HAND partners:

  • direct and long-term trade relationships
  • purchase guarantees, yearly contracts
  • fair product prices including a HAND IN HAND bonus
  • Support of eco-social projects through the HAND IN HAND bonus
  • Support and advice for HAND IN HAND partners
  • Cost coverage of HAND IN HAND inspection and certification
  • pre-financing and loans upon request
  • Labelling of the products
  • 1% of the purchase price of all HAND IN HAND raw materials are donated as HAND IN HAND donation (previously: HAND IN HAND fund)

HAND IN HAND partners guarantee Rapunzel:

  • products in organic quality
  • compliance with all national regulations regarding environmental laws, workers and social rights
  • employee welfare for the workers
  • humane, healthy and safe working conditions
  • prohibition of child and forced labor
  • transparency

Our customer guarantee

The HAND IN HAND label is a label only used by Rapunzel or with explicit approval from Rapunzel.

Monoproducts, meaning products that contain only one ingredient (e.g. coffee), that carry the HAND IN HAND label are 100% from our HAND IN HAND partner.  
Mixed products (e.g. chocolate) are labelled HAND IN HAND only if more than 50% of the ingredients are produced by HAND IN HAND partners. 

Products containing 50% or less ingredients from the HAND IN HAND partners are not labelled HAND IN HAND. At the moment almost 130 products carry the HAND IN HAND label.
Rapunzel is trading with organic products since 1974, therefore the HAND IN HAND label is also an organic label. 

Comparison of HAND IN HAND criteria with other Fair Trade initiatives as PDF

Fair trade and organic farming are central for Rapunzel

Foreign Distributors

We distribute our products around the world - our local partners are happy to help you.

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