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Homemade with a lot of love & experience

Rapunzel produces the best organic food in Allgäu
Our core products are nut butters and sweet spreads, mueslis and porridges, cooking oils and coffee. We show you the Rapunzel production in Legau in the beautiful Allgäu.
In 1974, Joseph Wilhelm and Jennifer Vermeulen founded a self-sufficient community with a small health food shop. Today Rapunzel is one of the leading organic producers in Europe.

Time and again, Rapunzel was the first organic producer to launch products in 100% organic quality, such as mueslis, nut butters, chocolate or untreated, unsulphurised dried fruit. Yet, our product ideas such as porridges also shape the natural food trade today.
The following applies to new products: Organic whole food, made from 100 per cent high-quality organic ingredients, processed as gently as possible.

More than half of Rapunzel's products are produced, processed or bottled at its site in Legau/Allgäu. All other Rapunzel products are manufactured by long-standing partners from high-quality organic raw materials and according to our own recipes. We try to leave the added value in the country where the raw materials are grown or processed.
Sustainable production

We rely on 100 per cent renewable energies for our production. The majority of our electricity is generated with PV systems on our roofs or our own combined heat and power plants, which run on green gas. The electricity we buy also comes from renewable sources, as does the process and room heating. We generate this electricity with our wood chip heating systems and combined heat and power plants.

We also avoid overproduction with short lead times and short production cycles – while simultaneously ensuring product availability, thanks to flexible production planning.

If our products have minor blemishes, they are sold in our “Climate Savers” webshop category – thereby avoiding food waste.

Made directly by the organic pioneer

Nut butters and sweet spreads, mueslis and porridges, oil and coffee

Nut butters & sweet spreads

We were already producing nut butters as early as 1974 – at that time, though, we used a simple stone grinder and filled the butters by hand. Today, the same work is still being done, yet now with the help of cutting-edge technology. We cannot imagine our product range without them. The entire production process, from the roasting of the nuts to the gentle grinding in the stone mill, right up to the filling, is done in-house.

Mueslis & porridges

All mueslis and porridges are mixed and filled in our factory. The cereal flakes are locally sourced. The nuts are freshly roasted in our facilities.

Cooking oils

We produce valuable, purely natural edible oils at our own oil mills. To ensure particularly gentle processing, Rapunzel developed the OXYGUARD® process in 1997. Here, all production steps are done under exclusion of light, oxygen and heat.


Our coffee is roasted and packaged in our own coffee roastery. All of this under the watchful eyes of visitors to Rapunzel World, which opened in November 2022. Guests can get up close and personal, watching how the beans are gently roasted and then packaged.

Fair trade and organic farming are central for Rapunzel

Foreign Distributors

We distribute our products around the world - our local partners are happy to help you.

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