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Sweet organic bread spreads and nut butters

Long tradition – real classics
Already 1975 we started to produce nut butters. At that time, we used a simple millstone and filled the nut butter by hand. Today, we use the latest state-of-the-art technology. The nut butters are an integral part of our product range.   

All our top-quality raw materials are carefully processed and come 100% from controlled organic cultivation. They are produced by reliable partners or in our own cultivation projects. 
The different uses of nut butters – diverse as their different flavors
Rapunzel nut butters contain no additives such as stabilizers nor emulsifiers. They are healthy and have many valuable vitamins and minerals. 

Enjoy on bread or use to refine sweet and savory dishes – use our nut butters creatively. For us, it is important that our customers can indulgence without regret! 

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Frequently asked questions about sweet bread spreads and nut butters

How should I use nut butter?

Nut butters can be used as bread spread, for baking or for the refinement of different dishes, soups, sauces and salad dressings. In our information leaflet on nut butters or in the recipe section you will find great recipe ideas. 

What are the differences between brown and white almond butter?

Brown almond butter (natural) is made with ground, roasted almonds that still have their brown skin. White almond butter is made with blanched, unroasted almonds. 

What is the best way to store nut butters?

All nut butters can be stored either in the fridge or in a cubboard. When refrigerated, the nut butters will have a harder consistency. Nut butters store well for a long time after opening. Most important is to use a clean spoon when removing the nut butter from the jar. The layer of oil that forms over time acts like a protective layer. 

Can Rapunzel white almond butter be used for the preparation of almond milk?

The white almond butter made with 100% completely bitter-free, top-quality almonds from California is perfectly suited for the preparation of almond butter. In addition to almond butter, you only need a few more ingredients - only some water and a sweetener.   

Tip: after the 4th month of age, infants can be fed with a mixture where water is replaced by 40ml fruit juice and 15g cereal gruel are added. 
recipe link: preparation of almond milk

Why does oil settle in nut butter jars?

Rapunzel nut butters are 100% pure nut butters. They are made without emulsifiers and stabilizers. For that reason, natural nut oil (approx. 10%) that is contained in the nut butter will settle out after the nut butter was filled into the jar. This cannot be avoided since we use no additives such as fat or thickeners.   

You can stir precipitated oil back into the nut butter (e.g. with a fork) or you can decant the oil and use it as high-quality salad oil. The settled oil is evidence of the purity. 

How long does nut butter keep after opening?

Generally speaking, nut butters keep for a long time after opening. It is important to always remove the nut butter from the jar with a clean spoon and to leave the oil layer that forms over time on top of the nut butter as the oil layer acts as a barrier against airborne oxygen. Simply stir the nut butter before enjoying it.  

You can keep nut butter either in the refrigerator or in the cupboard at room temperature. 

Why is Samba not a HAND IN HAND product?

In order to get labelled as a HAND IN HAND product, the product must be made with at least 50% HAND IN HAND raw materials. Although Samba contains fair trade whole cane sugar and cocoa, it is made mainly with nuts (on average 45%) that are not produced in a so-called developing country and that are therefore not labelled as a HAND IN HAND product. The hazelnuts that are used for Samba Hazelnut come from the Rapunzel Turkey project. When added to the organic milk powder from the Allgäu region, these two ingredients already amount to more than 50% of the product's raw materials. 

Which sweet bread spreads & nut butters are suitable for a raw food diet?

You can this updated information at:Information for people with allergies / raw food diet

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Nut butters

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