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Overview of allergens, vegan and raw products

Information for people with specific eating habits

For several years, Rapunzel has been publishing a special product list, in which you will find information for allergy sufferers and for people with food intolerances as well as information about our vegan and raw product range. 

The product list will keep updated three times a year. Since the ingredients of our products may change from time to time, we would like to ask you to always observe the highly current information of the product directly at the allergens declaration at the respective product page, as you can see here at the lin oil product page for example. 

General principle: The ingredients of all Rapunzel products are fully declared. This means: all contained ingredients are completely labelled on the list of ingredients of the relevant Rapunzel product.  

Ingredients & Quality

  • do you have allergic reactions to certain foods?
  • are you allergic to certain individual ingredients?
  • do you follow a vegan or a raw food diet?
Nowadays there are a plenty of questions about the ingredients or processing of products accordingly to allergic reactions or specific needs for eating habits. 

The answers to the most of this questions you will find below in our product overview of  ingredients and processing.  

Any further question?

Please contact our customer service directly for specific or urgent questions about the ingredients or processing of the Rapunzel products. 


Fair trade and organic farming are central for Rapunzel

Foreign Distributors

We distribute our products around the world - our local partners are happy to help you.

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