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The Rapunzel Turkey Project - groundbreaking and sustainable

The beginnings of Rapunzel's activities in Turkey date back to the year 1976. It took ten years of groundbreaking, elaborate pioneer work to convince the farmers to convert to controlled organic cultivation. The first fruits of these efforts were harvested in 1986 when the first organic products from Turkey were shipped to Rapunzel. 

Since 1992, Rapunzel has been operating its own production plant in Turkey. Ever since that time we had the goal to achieve 100% organic quality and to establish a permanent, partnership-based responsibility towards our Turkish farmers - without compromise! 

Today, nearly 450 Turkish organic farmers grow nuts and various fruits for Rapunzel. We employ six agricultural engineers in different regions who give the farmers comprehensive support and advice about organic farming methods. Additionally, the agricultural engineers check the compliance with our strict organic quality criteria.   


Fair trade and organic farming are central for Rapunzel

Foreign Distributors

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