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Rapunzel among the forerunners for sustainable palm oil

WWF publishes the palm oil scorecard 2017
Palm oil is recovered from the bright orange colored fruit pulp.
Palm oil is recovered from the bright orange colored fruit pulp.
Palm oil is recovered from the bright orange colored fruit pulp.

[02/18]  With its sustainably produced and fair-trade organic palm oil Rapunzel Naturkost scored again at the WWF palm oil check 2017: the evaluation of the environmental organization ranked Rapunzel in second place among more than 250 surveyed companies.

The current WWF palm oil score board confirms that the effort for fair-trade and sustainably cultivated organic palm oil is the best way. Rapunzel purchases and uses for its products only fair-trade, organic palm oil. Not only the environment benefits from this fair cooperation but also the workers and peasants in Ghana or Ecuador who participate in Rapunzel's proprietary HAND IN HAND fair trade program. 

Sustainable palm oil is possible - in organic & fair quality

Since 2009, WWF has been examining the purchasing policy of German companies that source and process palm oil. With its palm oil scorecard, the environmental organization wants to promote sustainably produced palm oil.
In 2017, Rapunzel was evaluated for the second time and received 20 points on the WWF scorecard. Only two other companies received the maximum score of 21 points.

WWF subtracted one point from Rapunzel, because the natural food producer is not a member of FONAP, the Forum for Sustainable Palm Oil. Rapunzel consciously decided not to join the Forum because Rapunzel's strict criteria for fair-trade organic palm oil surpass the FONAP requirements.

Additional points for organic quality or for fair-trade palm oil were not distributed. But WWF explicitly underscores Rapunzel's commitment: "Only a few companies use organic palm oil and in doing so, they take a big step in the right direction. Some forerunners like Rapunzel Naturkost count on organic quality and a "Fair for Life" certification in order to provide good social conditions - especially for the peasant farmers."

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Fair trade and organic farming are central for Rapunzel

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