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The next generation is already contributing

Rapunzel Naturkost – a family company

[08.12.2020]  Since the foundation of the company by Joseph Wilhelm and Jennifer Vermeulen in 1974, Rapunzel has been a family business. Today, the company is 100 percent family-owned - and the next generation has already been assuming responsibility for some time. 

Joseph Wilhelm rejoices: "What could be better than having children who choose to live the values of Rapunzel and who decide to join the company and assume responsibility? They will make their own contributions and will shape Rapunzel’s future according to their capabilities and in accordance with the requirements of the times." 

Leonhard Wilhelm confirms that the young generation will contribute their own ideas: "I will not just follow my parents‘ footsteps, but I will leave my own tracks." 

Meet the young Rapunzel generation 

Das Familienunternehmen Rapunzel: Leonhard Wilhelm
Das Familienunternehmen Rapunzel: Leonhard Wilhelm

Leonhard Wilhelm


Son Leonhard Wilhelm has been part of the company already since 2003. After completing his education, he first worked as a raw material clerk in the export department before he supported the department head as team leader for raw materials trading. As assistant of the executive management he deepened his insights into the operative areas of different departments. His Master degree in management further prepared him for his management responsibilities.

Since 2019, he has been working as managing director for sales, raw materials trading, private label, the purchase department and for the securing of raw materials. 


Das Familienunternehmen Rapunzel: Seraphine Wilhelm
Das Familienunternehmen Rapunzel: Seraphine Wilhelm

Seraphine Wilhelm


Seraphine Wilhelm started her professional career with an apprenticeship at Rapunzel. After spending several years in the USA and in Berlin and a master degree in Business Administration, she returned to the Allgäu. Seraphine is responsible for Rapunzel’s Instagram appearance and contributes recipes and photographs for this medium.

Since 2018 she has been supporting the Rapunzel management as assistant. 

Today, she is head of the marketing department and is responsible for the future visitor center with organic supermarket and restaurant. 

Das Familienunternehmen Rapunzel: Rosalie Dorn
Das Familienunternehmen Rapunzel: Rosalie Dorn

Rosalie Dorn


Rosalie Dorn, another daughter, joined the company in 2019. Prior to her studies, she completed an internship at Rapunzel Turkey in the town of Ören. Her bachelor thesis triggered Rapunzel’s first Sustainability Report that she also helped to draft.

After completing her Master degree, she gained international work experience in a big accounting company. At Rapunzel, she is management assistant with an expertise for strategic projects and financial issues. Sustainability has remained her topic and she also heads Rapunzel’s sustainability work group.  

Today, she is head of the controlling, financial accounting and process department.

Das Familienunternehmen Rapunzel: Justina Wilhelm
Das Familienunternehmen Rapunzel: Justina Wilhelm

Justina Wilhelm


Justina Wilhelm has been working for many years as freelance photographer. She also started her professional career as apprentice in the Rapunzel marketing department. Later, she completed an apprenticeship as photographer.

With her camera she has been travelling the world for Rapunzel taking pictures for example of Rapunzel suppliers. Many photographs on our homepage were taken by Justina. Her photographs also illustrate Rapunzel’s Instagram appearance.  


Company founder Joseph Wilhelm is convinced that the support of the next generation stands for a promising future:"We are convinced that the integration of our children was the best solution for the future of the company".

Since 2017, all of Joseph Wilhelm's children have been partners of the company - Rapunzel will remain a genuine family company in the future. 


Three generations having breakfast together

One person spreads Samba on his bread, another enjoys delicious Original muesli for breakfast - the tastes of three generations vary quite a lot. On one thing, however, they all agree: having breakfast together is a lovely experience. In this short video you can see the Rapunzel family including company founders Joseph Wilhelm and Jennifer Vermeulen with their children and grandchildren having breakfast together. 
What takes place in this microcosm takes place every day at Rapunzel Naturkost at a larger scale - during the complimentary staff breakfast that all employees attend. The daily breakfast at Rapunzel headquarters takes place in the cosy Rapunzel Casino. There, Rapunzel employees meet and eat either at small tables or at large wooden meal boards. Reinforced and freshly strengthened after a nourishing breakfast, they are ready to tackle their daily tasks. 

Fair trade and organic farming are central for Rapunzel

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