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Impressions from the Rapunzel Turkey Project

The Turkey project is the most comprehensive and oldest Rapunzel project. Already in 1976, Joseph Wilhelm established the first contacts with local Turkish farmers in order to procure unsulphured, non-fumigated dried fruit and nuts.

At that time, untreated products were a worldwide rarity! After ten years of pioneer work, the first organically grown products were harvested in the mid-1980s. An important milestone was reached and Rapunzel could add organic raisins, figs and hazelnuts to its muesli.

Since then, Rapunzel Turkey has developed into a grandiose showcase project. More than 400 organic farmers supported by four agricultural engineers grow organic crops in compliance with strict organic farming criteria that are also applied to other crops such as tomatoes and cotton.

The headquarters of Rapunzel Turkey are located in the town of Ören near Izmir. The on-site quality assurance team is responsible for product quality and for surveying the production process from the field all the way to the export of the products. Organic nuts and dried fruit are inspected, sorted and processed in the production plant.

With this project, Rapunzel belongs to the most important pioneers of organic cultivation in Turkey.


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