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From now we are living on tick

Sad World Day: by todays Earth Overshoot Day, we will have used more ressources from nature than our planet can renew in one whole year.

Do yours to move the date

We know how good it feels to participate on this big goal to move this date more into the future.

Everyone of us can take own steps to help to create a sustainable future. 

Fifth One World Award ceremony
Fifth One World Award ceremony

One World Award 2020 – submit application now

Innovative ideas, projects and individuals from around the world who should be honored with the One World Award (OWA) can be nominated once again from now until September 30, 2019. The future maker award that is endowed with 45,000 Euro prize money will be awarded for the sixth time in 2020. The OWA honors projects and people who work for a just and future-proof globalization that includes ecological, economic and social aspects.    


A School for the Future of Africa

The future of Africa is shaped at the Hekima Girls' Secondary School in Tanzania. The project that combines first-class academic education with hands-on organic agriculture is made possible through Rapunzel's proprietary HAND IN HAND program and the associated HAND IN HAND fund. Rapunzel founder and managing director Joseph Wílhelm visited the school for the inauguration of a new dormitory.


Second generation assumes responsibility at Rapunzel

The generational change has started in the management of Rapunzel Naturkost: Leonhard Wilhelm, the son of company founders Joseph Wilhelm and Jennifer Vermeulen, is now third Managing Director. Leonhard Wilhelm has already been working in the company for many years. Now, he is the first family member of the second generation who assumes managerial responsibility at the organic pioneer with headquarters in the Bavarian Allgäu region.


Fairy tale wedding: Zwergenwiese and Rapunzel

With effect from February 28, 2017, Rapunzel Naturkost located in Legau in the Allgäu acquires Zwergenwiese Naturkost GmbH located in Silberstedt in the state of Schleswig Holstein. Zwergenwiese will continue as an independent enterprise at the present location. Moreover, the brand contents, the brand communication and the present customer structure with wholesale supply for the organic food trade will remain unchanged.


Navdanya: a trip to the seed saviors

[06/18]  During his trip to India, Joseph Wilhelm also visited the Right Livelihood Award laureate Vandana Shiva and her Navdanya organisation.

Navdanya's core mission is the establishment of a seed bank with native, indigenous rice varieties. The seed bank also includes traditional medicinal plants. Rapunzel sources its Basmati rice from Navdanya. 


Rapunzel receives the CSR Award of the German Federal Government

[01/17]  The German Federal Government awarded Rapunzel Naturkost GmbH with the CSR Award. Company founder and managing director Joseph Wilhelm received the award in Berlin and rejoiced in this special appreciation for sustainable economic practice and social management.


Fair trade and organic farming are central for Rapunzel

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