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Figs from Aydin - for a powerful start

During his search for unsulphured, non-fumigated figs, Joseph Wilhelm visited the village of Aydin in 1976. There he met up with open-minded and interested farmers with whom he laid the foundation for the controlled organic production of fruits and the Rapunzel Turkey project.

Aydin is located approximately 150 km southeast of Izmir, in the center of a fertile plain at the Menderes River. Thanks to its very favorable climate, the best Turkish figs can be found in this area. The remoteness of the area and the lack of conventionally cultivated neighboring fields in an area of 350 hectares ensure that the Aydin figs can be grown and harvested in a totally unpolluted environment.

Cultivation, processing and export in the hands of peasants

Figs belong to the crops that have been cultivated since early on in human history. For thousands of years, figs have been grown in the Mediterranean region and were highly esteemed by the ancient Greeks and the Romans. The ancient Egyptians put figs in the Pharaoh burial chambers as provisions for the journey into the afterlife. Edible figs belong to the family of the so-called true fig (Ficus carica). Fig trees can grow up to 8 meters high. A fig tree can be harvested for the first time after five years, but may carry fruit up to 50 years. The fruit color ranges from yellowish-green to dark purple. The granular fruit pulp may vary from pink to red.
At the end of August, the contract farmers from the Rapunzel project manually pick the mature fruits from the trees on the mountainous slopes and the plains near Aydin. Immediately after the harvest, the figs are placed on special drying racks directly in the fig groves and are sun-dried for 2-4 days. After drying the figs are transported to Ören where they undergo quality inspection and further processing. 
Figs contain valuable substances in high concentrations. The high amounts of dietary fiber, fruit sugar and glucose make figs an ideal source of energy and a good digestive. Figs have minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium. Furthermore, they are a source of abundant B-vitamins, especially vitamin B1. Sun-ripened figs captivate you with their fruity sweetness and are a veritable treat! They can be used to refine muesli, desserts and pastries or they can be used to garnish sweet-spicy dishes.

Fair trade and organic farming are central for Rapunzel

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