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Italy meets Asia: We have a new addition to our Pasta di Riso!

[01.04.24]  Attention: For future lovers of rice pasta and for those who already are! Rice pasta is gluten-free pasta made from wholegrain rice. It combines Italian and Asian cuisine, thereby creating something truly special.
From April on, we will be offering two new, traditional varieties: Mafalde and casarecce, both made from 100 % wholegrain rice.

The characteristic, twisted shape of casarecce is particularly suited to absorb delicious sauces, and is also a real treat when combined with pesto. Mafalde, on the other hand, is known for its curled edges, making it an absolute eye-catcher in pasta salads. They also harmonise well in sauces of all kinds.

The gluten-free rice pasta comes from our Italian pastificio. It produces pasta di riso from best, finely-ground Italian wholemeal rice and pure spring water in a traditional way. The dough is kneaded by adding water and then moulded into the appropriate shape, using bronze dies. Slow and gentle drying at low temperatures ensures unrivalled pasta enjoyment. Buon Appetito!
What makes Rapunzel rice pasta so special:
  • gluten-free
  • 100 % Italian wholegrain rice
  • 100 % from certified organic farming
  • traditional production
  • perfect "al dente" bite
  • authentic pasta flavour

Here, you can find our novelties at a glance

Rice Mafalde
Rice Mafalde
Rice Casarecce
Rice Casarecce

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